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Jan. 4 “Journeys of Belief” with Eric Dollard

December 28, 2008

“Journeys of Belief” a discussion hosted by Eric Dollard, Biblical scholar and independent thinker. Eric will share what has shaped his philosophical position. Participation will be encouraged.

Well I don’t know yet what his philosophical position is, but in any case most freethinkers have the experience of being raised with certain beliefs of our parents and then going on a quest to find our own path. Even researchers who study the psychology of religion use the word “quest” or the phrase “questing orientation” to describe one approach to religion which is shared by nontheists and some liberal Christians, Jews and others. So this promises to be an interesting discussion. Hope to see you there!

UMKC, Haag Hall, Room 301 from 1-3pm. Informal chat begins at 12:30.