Programs for Dec. 21 and 28

Dec. 21 “Psychology of Election Battles & Conflict Resolution Skills”

Rachel MacNair, PhD and author of “The Psychology of Peace” will give this talk.

Why talk about  conflict resolution at COR? Freethinkers don’t look to God to solve the world’s problems. So who is left? Just us humans. We need to know how to resolve our problems. Humanists in particular affirm that, “We cultivate the arts of negotiation and compromise as a means of resolving differences and achieving mutual understanding” and affirm that Humanism is an alternative “to ideologies of violence.” (Humanist Affirmations,

Dec. 28 “Free Thought Celebration: When Religion is Absent, What Are Our Sources of Joy and Inspiration?”

Jerry Sargent will lead an interactive discussion.  (The relevance of this topic is self-evident, so I’ll say no more.)

Both programs are at the usual place and time, UMKC, Haag Hall, Room 307 at 1pm on Sunday, (or 12:30 for informal chatter beforehand).

See you there!


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